Good Sportsmanship in the APA is not optional; It's Required.  

Did You Know…

Properly marking both you and your opponents Defensive Shots helps ensure that each player is accurately handicapped. Defensive Shots are not only shots meant to leave your opponent without a shot on his or her object ball, but any shot where there is no intent to pocket a ball. Intent should be the determining factor.


If a shooter is not “intending” to pocket one of their object balls, it should be marked as a defensive shot. If you or your opponent has no shot and simply picks up the cue ball and gives ball-in-hand to the opponent, that too is consider a defensive shot (probably the most obvious).


The “23 Rule” is a way to ensure fairness and competitiveness in our league from week to week and from team to team. It states that the combined total of the skill levels of the 5 players fielded in any team match cannot exceed 23. Even if your team doesn’t play all 5 matches (for example if your opponent forfeits the last match), you still must show that your team would not have exceeded 23 had the final match been played. In order to comply with the 23 rule you may use players on your roster who are not present, however in that case you will forfeit those matches.

A violation of the 23 rule officially occurs when the balls are broken in the individual match that causes the violation. Even if a team wouldn’t actually exceed 23 until a later match, if there is no possible way that the team could make 23 after they put up a certain player and the balls are broken, it is considered a violation at that point.

When a team breaks the 23 rule, the entire match is considered forfeited and the opposing team earns all the points for the night (i.e. 5 pts for 8-ball & 100 pts for 9-ball). However, in order for the opposing team to receive the forfeit points, they must catch the violation and note it on their scoresheet. If a team violates the 23 rule for a second time during the course of a Session, regardless of whether or not their opponent catches it, it will result in the opposing team receiving all the forfeit points for the night.

Although all teams and players should know the rules, if you know that an opponent is about to violate the 23 rule and that they are unaware of it, be a good sportsman/woman and inform them. Wouldn’t you rather earn points for your team by playing the match than by sitting on the sidelines and reading the rule book?

In the playoffs, if your team violates the 23 rule, regardless of if your opponent catches it, your team loses and your opponent wins. Be especially alert and diligent during playoffs since your opponent is much less likely to save you from breaking the rule. In the playoffs, even though a contest may end before going all 5 matches, you still must be able to show that your team could have fielded 23 had the contest gone the distance.

Players improve during the course of the pool season and skill levels may change to reflect this. Do not assume that you or your opponents’ skill level is the same as it was the previous week! Be sure to check the scoresheet, which will always have the correct skill level (you must always play at the skill level printed on the scoresheet, regardless of what you may think your skill level is).


•In order to participate on a team in the Divisional Playoffs each Session, players must have at least 4 matches played for that team during the Session, in the format in which they will be competing (8-ball or 9-ball).  Forfeits and Byes do not count toward this total.

•In order to participate on a team in the North Central Oklahoma Team Championships, players must have played at least 4 matches for that team during the Spring Session in the format in which they qualified AND have a skill level based on a minimum of 10 matches played (in the past 12 months), in the format in which they qualified, by the end of the Spring Session. Divisional Playoff matches count towards this total.

•In order for a qualified team to remain eligible for the North Central Oklahoma Team Championships, the team must retain at least 4 original members from the qualified team during the successive Sessions leading up to the Team Championships. All teams use their Spring Session rosters in the Team Championships.

•PLAN AHEAD!! Don’t let a ruling on eligibility take you by surprise. Know the rules and plan accordingly, as they are strictly enforced. All of this information can be found on pages 81-92 in the Official Team Manual and in the Local By-Laws which are on the website.

• Make Up Matches

•All make up matches must be played within two (2) weeks of the original match date, unless you have received prior approval from the League Office. 


•The League Office must be notified by BOTH teams of any rescheduled matches at least 24 hours in advance. 

  • There will be no rescheduling matches during the last two (2) weeks of the session or during Playoffs. The only way to reschedule the last two (2) weeks of the session is to play them in advance.