The APA recommends there be a division representative (Division Rep) for every division in the League. The Division Rep may be elected by the teams in his/her division or be appointed by the League Operator.  He/she is a person of integrity and is consistently active in the League.  The Division Rep is a member in good standing and enjoys the involvement that the position offers.  He/she helps make sure that bulletins, flyers and other League information gets distributed to, and is understood by, the team captains in their division.  He/she helps the League improve by passing information between players and the League Office.  He/she may also assist the League with the Local Team Championships and special events.

The Division Rep may serve on the board of governors.  He/she is knowledgeable concerning League affairs and may be consulted by other members of the League and the League Operator.  Consulted is the key word here because the Division Rep does not have the authority to make rulings as an individual.  He/she merely is an information source that is close to the players in the division that he/she represents. The Division Rep may help grow the League by passing on info about the League to locations and non-League members in his/her area while playing on League Night.


· Emphasizing the importance of league office materials in the team envelopes – being shown or communicated to the team members

· Helping get all the teams to register for the next session during registration time

· Helping to grow the division during this time as well. Each division rep has a goal to grow their division by at least 1 new team each session!

· Maintaining a good image

· Educating and helping new teams in their division get established and comfortable and learn the scoring

· Communicating to the league office, to captains and players, and host locations within their division

· Educating their division captains and players on the rules and the bylaws. Make sure they know what is and what is not a defensive shot, what is and isn’t a legal jump shot, how to properly address a possible bad hit or double hit, and that positioning the cue ball in a ball in hand situation with the cue stick is not a foul.

· Understanding that the reason to play in the APA is to have fun!!

· Help promote the singles tournaments to players in your division